Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel stuck? Is the past still influencing you greatly, making it difficult for you to move forward? Do you suffer from anxiety or grief?

If you feel as if something has a grip on you and is preventing you from enjoying life, it could be that the past is still influencing you greatly – whether it’s grief for a loved one, a past relationship, losing a career, a childhood trauma, and so on. Equally, however, it could be your current beliefs that are affecting you negatively. As I channelled from some spirit beings once:

“Hold onto your beliefs like water… Allow them to flow out of your mind to make way for new knowledge and truth.”

Letting go is vital to releasing the energy you need to step into the new you and a lot of advice and help can be given from the spiritual dimensions. There are spiritual beings of light who can see the bigger picture of your life and – although they can’t make decisions or make the changes for you – they will provide guidance that is grounded, clear and compassionate. 

Each session is unique and its purpose is to provide support and guidance in often challenging times. 

My session was amazing! I asked one question and I was given such a lot of information about my situation, my family and how I was feeling at the time. I didn’t expect it to be so long! Mary gave me a lot of accurate information. This was just what I needed to clarify things and uplift my spirits. A truly talented lady! Thank you for making me feel more positive about my life!

Rachel K