Shamanic healing

This ancient form of energy healing is often profound and life-changing. After identifying the issue that is influencing you negatively or preventing you from moving forward, I use a variety of shamanic healing methods, depending on what I intuitively feel are best for you. *Shamanism is about retrieving or removing energy, to bring your system back into balance. People often feel lighter as a result. These are the shamanic methods I use:

Drumming and rattling are techniques that have been used historically by many indigenous peoples around the world to facilitate healing. Their use has been considered ‘medicine’ by traditional medicine men and women, some of whom refer to them as having ‘spirit power’, enabling healing to occur on the subtle energetic levels, which in turn affects the physical, mental and emotional levels. When drumming and rattling, I am able to determine which areas of the energy field are out of balance and need to receive healing.

Extraction work is another aspect of shamanic healing. Unwanted energy, or energy that does not belong to a person, causes problems on a physical, mental or emotional level. The intrusive energy is extracted from the body/energy field of the person to relieve symptoms and restore balance. Afterwards I discuss with the person ways to prevent them picking up unwanted energy in the future.

Soul retrieval or what I prefer to call soul power retrieval is another form of shamanic healing. Trauma experienced in the past, especially in childhood, often leads to a loss of a person’s power or life force. It is the shaman’s role to journey into an altered state of consciousness to bring back this soul power to the person to bring wholeness. You as the client will not need to relive any associated trauma, but understanding and feedback may be given to help your conscious mind to understand what happened to cause the loss of power in the first place. However, please be aware that it is your responsibility to nurture this soul part once it has been returned.

*Shamanic practitioners have direct experience with forces in other realities to facilitate healing within a person. 

“I have to say when I left, I instantly noticed a change in myself and as crazy as it sounds feel like a different person. It was profound and I think the healing may still be occurring for me. Thank you.”

Amy J