Past life healing

Past life healing involves exploring and clearing the soul wounds from other lives which have carried over into this life. When they have a negative impact on your current life, clearing the energy can help you to move on. If you have tried to address your fears, anxieties, relationship problems, and so on, through counselling or other types of healing, but with little success, then past life healing may be a good route to try.

There are two methods I use to help people to heal their past or other lives:

One is by safely guiding you to explore the images in your subconscious that come up in relation to the issue you are looking to heal. I may also receive clairvoyant images on your behalf to verify what you are seeing or feeling. Often this first method is quick as hypnosis is not needed.

The other way is through regression where I guide you through hypnosis to recall soul memories from one or more lifetimes.

The purpose of each method is to show you the personality and context within which the wound occurred and to guide you to explore possible ways to bring healing and resolution.

“I approached Mary after a recommendation. The entire meeting, past life regression and the healing that took place was an amazing experience. The process was tranquil and guided thoughtfully by Mary. I am excited to see what the future holds, now I no longer feel burdened. At the end of the healing as I opened my eyes, Mary instantly said my eyes looked different, and I can honestly say I am seeing everything more brightly and sharply.” 

Dr S