Other Lives Regression

More commonly known as Past Life Regression, this therapy involves exploring memories of lives lived in other times, particularly those which may be having a negative impact on your current life. Although I believe it is important to firstly look at your current lifetime for possible causes of physical pain, relationship problems, fears, anxieties, and so on, if the issue persists, it is useful to try this form of regression to see what it reveals.

With your permission, I can also lead you into the ‘inbetween lives’ state which is believed to be the state where our consciousness goes after death, between lifetimes. Here you can gain further knowledge about your soul’s journey and experience emotional healing if necessary. Aside from this, many clients simply enjoy this state as they describe it as being in a profoundly peaceful place.

“I approached Mary after a recommendation. The entire meeting, past life regression and the healing that took place was an amazing experience. The process was tranquil and guided thoughtfully by Mary. I am excited to see what the future holds, now I no longer feel burdened. At the end of the healing as I opened my eyes, Mary instantly said my eyes looked different, and I can honestly say I am seeing everything more brightly and sharply.” 
Dr S