Other healing therapies

Spiritual healing involves the practitioner gently channelling healing energy, usually through the hands, in the form of light and colour, on the subtle energetic level. Many clients testify feeling peace and well-being, sometimes seeing the colour and/or light accompanied by a specific positive emotion or sensation. 

Body/Mind techniques involve a more active role by the client. Placing your consciousness on your body can often reveal an area of yourself which is holding onto emotions at a deep level. I gently lead you to release these, by guiding you to actively use your creative mind to find the solutions to do this. 

Guided visualisations are a way to bypass the conscious mind to access the power of your creative mind for healing.  As I guide you on a journey in your mind it is possible to experience important revelations about your life, often allowing you to understand why you are experiencing current challenges.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) is a technique that has been used successfully for resolving traumas and fears. It is now considered by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as the treatment of choice for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.


“The use of my iPad with Mary was just amazing. Even though all our meetings to date have not been in person, I have been able to relax extremely successfully and been beautifully guided by Mary. My sessions with Mary were unbelievably like being in the room with her. I would strongly suggest to anyone needing Mary’s incredible spiritual power* that her meetings via Zoom are more than adequate. I cannot see Mary in person because I live too far away so this method is hugely advantageous to me.

Daisy W

*(Please note that the spiritual power that Daisy mentions is not mine – it is the power of universal healing in the form of light and colour which is provided with the assistance of benevolent spirit beings.)