About Mary

It is vitally important that you feel a rapport with the person with whom you are sharing details of your life. For this reason, here is a brief bio of who I am to help you decide whether you would like to work with me.

As a child and throughout my adult life, I have always been strongly intuitive about people and what they were feeling. Having been raised by Second World War Polish refugees, I understand the stress and trauma that some people experience and how this can have an impact on their daily lives (although each of us reacts differently according to how resilient we are). I have also had a lifetime of challenges, but having worked through these, often using the healing practices that I now offer, I feel I have the compassion and skills needed to help others who are experiencing the same. 

I initially attended courses in counselling and hypnotherapy/past life regression, and although I have had an ongoing conscious connection with the spirit world, I pushed the idea of doing shamanic work away. However, my spirit allies were persistent and I allowed my shamanic abilities to reawaken. Shamanic work involves entering a light to deep trance state so I can act as a ‘hollow bone’ for the spirit beings to do their deep and profound healing work. It would be a privilege to help you move on positively to your next step in life.