Guidance from the Heart

Helping you move closer to peace

A warm welcome to you. My name is Mary and my aim is to help you find inner peace, insights and ways to move through the challenges in your life.

Together we identify what it is that is creating the obstacles in your life and I offer spiritual guidance to explore this more deeply. Often what has happened to us in the past, particularly childhood traumas, can influence us in our adult life. Working together I can then help you gently and safely release the associated emotions through a combination of therapies, including hypnotherapy techniques, EMDR, and shamanic and spiritual healing.

It is a wonderful process to see the wisdom of your mind, body and spirit, and the wisdom, love and healing of spiritual beings, take you on a journey of deep healing. People have often reported that after each session they experience a radical shift or feel ‘lighter’. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, feel free to get in contact with me for a chat.