Guidance from the Heart


My name is Mary Szymanski and my desire is to help lead you to positive emotional, mental and physical health. You may be experiencing a challenge, emotional stress, feeling anxious, or finding it difficult to cope with life.

I provide guidance from the heart to help you identify what it is that could be the crux of your issue. Often it is a result of stressful events or traumas from the past, particularly in childhood. Over time if these aren't addressed they can overwhelm and give you a negative outlook on life accompanied by the feeling of being powerless. I know – I've been there!

I also offer healing in different forms – from spiritual healing to shamanic healing to hypnotherapy techniques. Each is used when it seems most appropriate for you. It would be my privilege to give you guidance, support you to make changes or provide healing to help you move along your next step towards a more fulfilling life. Feel free to get in contact with me for an initial chat or if you have any queries.